Memorandom On Asian Cultures Essay

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To: Professor Sandra Moses
From: Business Communication Team 1
Date: September 22, 2014
Subject: Asian Business Culture

Please review this memo to prepare yourself for interaction with business partners in China, Thailand and Japan.
Engaging in any business transaction such as meetings, striking a deal or even just exchanging contact information is to be done with a great deal of tolerance for the Asian culture. It is important to remember to be aware and follow some simple guidelines that will be outlined first. It is significant that these rules be followed use simple English, speaking slowly and enunciate, check frequently for their comprehension, observe eye messages, and accept blame if there is a misunderstanding. Practice etiquette by listening without interruption, smile when appropriate, and follow up every meeting in writing to ensure ...view middle of the document...

In all three countries men and women dress very conservatively and where business suits. Women especially can be expected to be judged by what they where including their shoes, and do not wear jewelry. When exchanging business cards in both China and Japan make sure it is face to face and there are no barriers such as a chair, desk or table. Use two hands when receiving a card and when giving a card. Make sure to utilize the business cards that are English on one side and either Chinese or Japanese on the other side. If gifts of gratitude are given in china make sure it is not a cutting instrument, clock or flowers. These are received as an insult. In both Japan and China if offered food it is to be accepted but it does not have to be eaten if it is not likeable. While it is common in Japan to greet with a bow, it is acceptable to shake hands. In China hand shaking is also acceptable form of a greeting.
In China and Japan both it is important to not be too aggressive. In China this can break the deal. In Japan it is viewed to be brash and over confident. Remember that both cultures prefer a quiet demeanor and humble attitude, and that is held at a higher regard. In both Japan and China there will be a process of getting to know one another, and an exchange of ideas. In Japan final agreements will be done through correspondence and privately. In China there will be no final agreement. There is no value of a contract and the ongoing business will be based upon the social relationship.
Thailand, Japan and China are all high context countries. They are ceremonial, hold a high value on title, and status. There is value in adhering closely to company policy, because this will demonstrate trust worthiness and a professional appearance. Please keep their culture under consideration when visiting our partners. If communication is going to be a barrier to complete any transaction, please request a translator. If you have further questions please feel free to respond to this memo.

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