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Memorandum Of Understanding Essay

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SUBJECT: Testing of Unserviceable UH-60M Black Hawk Air Data Computers (ADC0 to Validate Serviceability Utilizing TAPO/ARSOAC’s Test Stand.

1. This MOA outlines the understanding between TAPO/ARSOAC and ALC regarding the testing of ADCs.

2. Currently there are no repair programs for the ADC. TAPO/ARSOAC’s test equipment located at the 160th Special ...view middle of the document...

3. ALC will provide the following serviceable condition code ‘F’ ADCs:

Qty Item Description

120 ADC, NSN 6610-01-558-4786, PN 70600-01821-101

ALC will provide final disposition instructions. ALC will pay for all shipping costs.

4. TAPO/ARSOAC will test the ADC to determine if any are deemed serviceable. TAPO-ARSOAC will return the serviceable ADCs listed above. Those assets that are unserviceable will be placed in condition code ‘P’. Once serviceable units are verified, removal of the green tags is required. The ADCs must then be yellow tagged by a technical inspector. The 2410 report must be updated as well. TAPO/ARSOAC will not assume liability associated with these ADCs in regards to quality deficiency reports, accidents, and lawsuits. The lots of approximately 20 ADCs will have their testing completed within two (2) weeks from receipts of the assets and subsequently returned.

5. The POC at ALC is Mr. Heri Rodriguez, AMSAM-MAV-UA, phone: 256-876-5269,
email: and Mr. Seth Cole, AMSAM-MAV-UA, phone 256-313-1146, email POC at ARSOAC conducting the testing is Mr. xxxxx xxxxx, phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx, email:

xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx
Deputy, Aviation Maintenance Support Office Director, Utility Directorate
U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command AMCOM Logistics Center

______________________________ ___________________________
(Date) (Date)

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