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Memory Essay

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Memory is basically divided in to three stages. Immediate or sensory memory, short term, and long term memory. We use immediate or sensory memory to look and get our license plate number off of the car to fill out a form at the DMV. After we have done that do we remember the license plate number? Not likely, we don’t need to remember that particular number for anything other than a DMV related reason. Short term memory we tend to use ...view middle of the document...

Long term memory is used to recall something or an experience we have had in the past and want to use them again. To recognize and associate familiar things with their use. Associate people and places to things or events that we have experienced before. It can also be used to work out what a correct or appropriate response would be in a given situation like being quiet in a library or during a wedding ceremony. Everyone remembers in different ways. Some people learn new tasks easier by reading, some by watching it being done, trying it for ourselves, or by listening. Sometimes even a combination of them works great for some people. Like myself, I learn best by watching someone do the task then trying it myself after. So by understanding how our own memory works in either of the above ways will be beneficial for us to learn by using that particular way.

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