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Mental Disorder Essay

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A mental disorder is a psychological or behavioral pattern generally associated with subjective distress or disability that occurs in an individual, and which is not a part of normal development or culture. Mental disorder has a wide scope of illness for centuries. It has many levels of illness and most of the illness are common conditions faced by individuals either they noticed it or not. In Malaysia, Ministry of Health did a survey and shows 11% of our people have mental illness. That means out of every 10 Malaysians, at least 1 has mental illness. How can it happen and what are the actual causes of mental disorder? There are many causes of mental disorder such as health problems, failed to control emotions and problems that occur in community.
One cause of mental disorder is the health problems faced by humans in natural ways. Genetic factors often play an important role in the development of mental disorders as it can be related by pregnancy and birth. It is important to ...view middle of the document...

Another cause of mental disorder is unable to control emotions. People cannot simply guess what kind of problems that they could get. Pressure from responsibilities on work and relationships including the environment around them could make them lose their mind easily. Depression occurs when people put too much attention to all sorts of problems. !!! It is clear that the cause of mental disorder is when people failed to control emotions.
One other cause of mental disorder is the problems that occur in a community. People who always get bullied, sexually abuse and also physically abuse will be depress easily and feel insecure with the environment around them especially in school, public places and also in the neighborhood. According to Spataro (2004), the anxiety and acute stress disorders were even more strongly associated with child sexual abuse than the major affective disorders, although of the adult diagnostic groupings it was the personality disorders that had the highest relative risk and proved that among the childhood disorders, conduct disorder was associated with child sexual abuse, as was the broader grouping of the other childhood disorders. As for the illegitimate child, they faced depression easily as people always ignore them for their parents’ fault. They feel unneeded and got lack of attentions most of the time. This is one of the reasons of suffering the lower level of mental disorder. Problems in communities or cultures, including poverty, unemployment or underemployment, lack of social cohesion, and migration, have been implicated in the development of mental disorders. The problems that occur in community are surely one of the causes of mental disorder.
The effect from health problems faced by humans and the failure to control emotions in any personal matters, as well as the occurrence of problems in community are the main causes on developing the mental disorder. Hence, individual has to set their mind to control their emotions and mental wisely. People should concern more about the mental health and make the best decision when deal with any mental disorder. Earning more knowledge about all types of mental disorder also can be useful so that we can know the right action to take when we are dealing with the sickness.

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