Mental Health Community Service Essay

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Ladesca Smith
Nursing 162
Community Volunteer Service Assignment

Why you chose this agency?
I chose this Sharing God’s Love, because I was interested in what kind of services they provide. I also wanted to know if there was any help out there for the people in need with mental illnesses. I also had lots of my kid’s old clothing that I needed to get rid of, so I donated it to them.
Describe the population the agency serves.
The population that the agency serves is those with financial difficulties. They may have lost their job or had an unexpected expense where their car needed repaired.
Identify the services provided by the agency. They rarely see the homeless population.
Identify the services ...view middle of the document...

To qualify for the services you must have an address and must be considered low income. They also have a counselor at the church and they are available for the client. They put prices on some of their donated items and have two yard sales per year to raise money for the people in need.
How would an individual be referred to the agency?
An individual is referred to this agency by churches. The individuals do not have to be a part of a church to receive services. Lexington Mental Health refers some of their clients to this agency.
Describe the services that you provided while working with this agency.
I sorted books, and toys. I also separated ten pound bags of flour and rice into zip lock bags. Each bag contained approximately two pounds each. I separated winter clothes from summer clothes and folded them. We put prices on some of the items to get them ready for the yard sale.
Describe one client and his/her situation served by the agency.
One female that we served had lost her job approximately two months ago and was having financial difficulty. She had her four year old son with her. This was her first time coming to this agency and she was referred to us by her church. She was interviewed and qualified for services due to job loss and low income. She picked up her food items and three outfits for her and her child.

Discuss your view on the value of this service to the community
My view on the value of this service to the community is very beneficial, especially if you have low income. I believe there needs to be more helpful agencies out there like this. They provide for essential items that you need to survive.

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