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Mental Model/Mindset Essay

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Individual Assignment Week 4
Jamilah Gaston
October 14, 2013
Bruce Hunter

Mental Model/Mindset Paper
Over the years, AAA Transportation has pride itself on transporting the finest wholesale produce in Waukegan, WI. Recently however, we have decided to expand our services and not only offer wholesale produce but potentially add nonperishable items to our delivery services. With this option, we expand our delivery area to not only within this small city but to the entire state and even potentially deliver to the states which surround. Adding nonperishable items would also benefit our existing customers by giving them more food options to choose from. Thus, bringing in more ...view middle of the document...

I can say, that looking at the bigger picture and being as unbiased to change as possible, I really wish you two would consider analyze this situation a little more before making your final decision.
There are a few steps to changing ones mental model/mindset. They include recognizing limits and power of the models and test the relevance of the mental models against changing environment. The other two steps are to overcome inhibitors and implement, assess and strengthen the model. With that being said, after we recognize how affective our current situation is and compare that to how successful our business will be in the future I would hope that my two employee will weigh the options and see the possible progression that will take place. I am also hoping that, after we identify that it is simply a mindset which holds us back we can then let go and hopefully move forward and build on this new idea.
From what I can see, there are five forces which drive the current mental model/ mindset of my two employees. They are; education, training, influence of others, rewards and incentives, and personal experiences. I can complete understand how learned behavior can sometimes be difficult to break or alter. I can also understand the idea of “if something is not broke, why fix it?” Well, in a business, change is constantly occurring. In order to progress there must be some sort of change. For example, in order to come into work today, you had to change from being in the state of sleep to being awake. After you were awake, you had to change from being in the house to getting into your car and driving into work. The same change applies here. While it may be difficult to see now, the development of this new idea will change our current state for the better.
By now, you all probably know that the two employees that I have been referring to are Vernon and Bud. Due to the length of time that these two gentlemen have been with the company, their opinion is very much valued with us. We would just like for them to realize that due in part to the fact that they have...

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