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Mentoring Essay

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Assignment 301

Task A

New Staff


Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

This leaflet is published to assist you in mentoring a new member of staff in your department.

You should only use this leaflet as a guide and it does not replace the staff handbook in any way.

Teaching/Training Role for Babcock Employees

As an employee of Babcock you have Roles and Responsibilities in the education and training of members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.


1. Assessor. You will be required to carry out periodic diagnostic assessment of the students whilst undergoing instruction. ...view middle of the document...

3. Safe and supportive environment.

4. Professional behaviour both to students and colleagues.

5. Provide accurate and timely feedback to the course design authority and examination centre.

6. Structure the learning environment to the abilities of the students.

7. Set the learning targets in accordance with the laid down learning criteria.

8. Promote a safe and supportive environment for both students and teachers.

9. Keep accurate records to assist with Quality Assurance regarding student care , abilities and progress. At the end of each phase the records should be handed to the Head Instructor.

10. Understand your responsibilities for your own personal development as a teacher and understand your rights as a teacher.
Working with other professionals.

During your employment you may discover or come across students with emotional, financial, legal or health issues.

As a teacher it is not your responsibility to solve any of these problems but to refer the student to the relevant professional body. You may however be asked to give a professional opinion to one of these bodies.

You may also come across problems in the physical environment (lack of heating, damaged electrical outlet etc.) These problems should be reported to the SPER (Single Point Event Reporting) via your Head Instructor.

Boundaries between teacher /training roles and other professionals.

As a Babcock employee you are not expected to be a social worker,

A full list of professional bodies and contacts is held by the Head Instructor and all cases should be referred to him in the first instance. As a teacher you are not trained to deal with complex...

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