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Method Of Motivation Essay

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Taylorism- if we do one thing it leads to another. People will be motivated to work if rewards n punishments are directly related to their performance. Drawbacks: Basis of crude attempts to motivate people by incentives often used as the implied rationale for performance related pay although this is seldom in effective monitor. By Taylor 1911

Hierarchy of needs- a hierarchy of five needs exists; physiological, safety social, esteem, self-fulfilment. Needs at a higher level only emerge when a lower need is satisfied. Drawbacks : focuses attention on the various ...view middle of the document...

Drawbacks: the key theory informing approaches to rewards: that there must be a link between effort and reward but the reward has to be achievable and worthwhile.

Reference: Michael Armstrong’s: essential human resource management practice
Improving communication:
The pragmatic perspective also works between the management and fitting team because if they have a regular communication pattern it will stop the fitting team from being booked for two shifts at the same time the management team will be able to book the jobs according to the working times of each team. Pragmatic perspective focuses on how action and interdependence lead to outcomes with benefits to those involved, good communication is represented in action (Naylor, 2004).

Taylor’s study of the ironworker’s yard he observed that labourers unloading wagons brought their own shovels, yet a shovel full or iron ore weighed some 15kg compared with 2kg for loose coal, he noticed this could not be the best way of working (Naylor, 2004). So by paying more attention to his workers he can improve his management style and potentially identified areas in need of improvement that may not be so obvious from the outside looking in because they may have a different perspective to things compared to the workforce

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