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Methodologies Essay

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Compare and contrast between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. How would you apply each type of research methodology at work?

Qualitative research methodology is conducted on site or location of the study where the data are collected, with the research as the key instrument. Instead of numbers, words and pictures such as transcripts of in-depth interviews, field notes, photographs, tapes, memos, personal documents, and other official ...view middle of the document...

Information or data collected are not to be approved or disapproved by hypothesis, but are gathered then separated into groups for further evaluation. Why people do the things they do is very important to researchers in the qualitative method, they are concerned with how different people/culture live their lives and make sense of them by looking for common ground.

Quantitative research methodology on the other hand, is conducted to ensure objectivity, generalizability and reliability, by testing, retesting and post testing subjects of the study for effectiveness. It relies mostly on numbers, counts, measures, operational values, quantifiable coding, quantitative data and statistical data. Its’ audience is much broader and generalized than that of the qualitative method and investigators would usually go into a study with predetermined questions; methods used are: data sets, experiments, quasi-experiments and survey research to name a few.

The research methods used in my work place is that of the quantitative method because we do hourly report on our residents as a way of evaluating their behavior from time to time. This helps by showing a pattern of mental stability, mood swings and behavioral patterns providing basis for further evaluation or diagnosis.

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