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Methodology Essay

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2nd semester interdisciplinary
mock exam 2015
Do i ika Vojáčková

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1.0 INTRODUCTION ................................................................................................................................................. 3
2.0 METHODOLOGY PART ....................................................................................................................................... 3
3.0 ANALYSIS: .......................................................................................................................................................... 3
3.1 THEORETICAL ...view middle of the document...

The tourist centre
of Donovaly is one of the important tourist centers of the Low Tatras operating all year
around. Donovaly is the part of self-governing region of Banská Bystrica taking place in the
middle of Slovakia. Its territory extends into the Low Tatras National Park - NAPANT and in
protective zones of water area Jergaly. The area of Low Tatras National Park is included in
UNESCO National Heritage List in Slovakia1.
The village Donovaly is one of the most important tourist centers in the region. There are
ongoing extensive investment activities focused on completing and improving infrastructure.
The centre has an international significance and optimal conditions for further development.
Therefore I decided to focus on Residence Hotel&Club2.
In this project I will focus on seasonality that this hotel is exposed to, I will analyze how
Residence Hotel&Club is using their marketing and further on I will write proposals how
Residence Hotel&Club can adapt to the seasonality in different areas using various models
and theories that I will mention in methodology part.


In order to find out how Residence Hotel&Club can adapt to the seasonality in various areas,
I made a desk research based on reading information related to the topics such as
motivating employees, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and loyalty with customers.
I will provide answers in question number 3 using appropriate theories and models. I will
analyze motivation of employees by using Maslow´s hierarchy of needs, Segmentation,
Targeting and Positioning by using STP-approach and loyalty with customers by using
customer relationship management (CMR) process. For my research I used only secondary
data such as books, articles, internet and in addition my own experience and knowledge.



Maslow´s hierarchy of needs is considered to be a general theory of human motivation.
Abraham Maslow identified five levels of basic needs and put them into pyramid considering
the needs as the sources of different motivating behaviors. Meaning once a lower - level
need has been satisfied, its impact on behavior diminishes. Then the individual is free to

Features of interest in Slovakia 1 by Rebecca Deák Justh, 2009


Obec Donovaly, available from:, accessed on 19 of March

progress to the higher - level need. However, it does not mean once the lower – level need is
satisfied, such as hunger and thirst, individual can forget about it, lower – level needs has to
be continuously satisfied. The hierarchy of needs begins with physical needs as the most
basic and then progresses through safety needs, love or belonging needs, esteem needs and
finishes with the peak of human existence – self-actualisation needs3.


Segmentation, Targeting and positioning is a three stage...

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