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Methods Of Communication Essay

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Choosing the means of communication is a complicated decision for the communications coordinator of QRS Pharmaceuticals. Health care communication can be tricky, especially when it concerns not only a large population but also a well-known public figure such as Mahepmabel Gerstberger. The fact that significant negative side effects caused by a drug manufactured by QRS makes the task of addressing the public even more difficult. Traditional, electronic, and social media each have advantages and disadvantages as a means of communication. Each type of media comes with its own hazards of very easily breaching patient confidentiality. In a crisis situation, as this could become, making the ...view middle of the document...

, leading to accidentally disclosing patient protected information. A drawback to this type of media is the inability for the public to ask questions of the sender. Only sender-receiver-communication can take place.
Electronic Media
Electronic media includes any type of broadcast using electronic technology, such as video recordings, multimedia, and slide presentations, and e-mail, just to name a few. Electronic media come with disclaimers meant to safeguard the original sender of the information. Unfortunately, celebrity involvement introduces many problems for any means of communication. Information may be sent to one person or a group of people, and find its way into the wrong hands, and it “goes viral.” Electronic media has many disadvantages for health care communications of this sort. There are too many avenues for Mahepmabel Gerstberger’s health issues to be made public instead of just the pharmaceutical information by using electronic media methods. Hackers are an obvious hazard of electronic messages. Not only is the message itself considered electronic media, so is the electronic device used to transmit the message. Therefore, another problem is protecting the medical information on the device from theft, etcetera.
Social Media
Any company wanting to remain competitive today will use social media regardless of the risks involved. HIPAA makes everyone nervous because there are so many opportunities for errors; however, social media is the best way to inform an unlimited number of people immediately. “HIPAA is a reason to be cautious in the use of Facebook, or any social media, but the use of social media, specifically Facebook, can make it easier to stay connected to patients and to share essential information” (Walters-Salas, 2012, p. 86). YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, Linkedin, are just a few of the many types of social media. These are highly interactive platforms and very effective means of communication, provided one is using reputable sites. These are also excellent tools for educating patients about diseases, disorders, and treatment options. Social media can update the community quickly in a crisis situation with the latest information as it becomes available. Social media electronically transforms the audience by allowing them to respond to the content or contribute new information as they see fit. A well-placed blog from the communications coordinator may improve QRS Pharmaceuticals’ reputation by responding to customer concerns and waylaying fears before there is a widespread panic. A problem with using social media is that some people share too much of their personal information, not realizing the means of communication is not a secure channel. Before anyone realizes what happened, a stranger has obtained medical records, which contain enough...

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