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Mgt 311 Week 4 Reflection Essay

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For this week’s reflection we took into account the three objectives while having our discussions. The objectives were to analyze the influence of organizational structure on behavior, analyze the influence of organizational culture on behavior, and to analyze the influence of power and politics on behavior.
The influence of organizational structure on behavior has two aspects--- Mechanistic structure and organic structure. In mechanistic structure the employee’s know exactly how to behave and there is little room for deviation (Robbins & Judge, 2011). This is how our three workplaces ...view middle of the document...

This means that there are standards of behavior that is known to everyone even if it is not in the handbook. If there is not a strong organizational culture at our jobs for instance then, there could be unethical behavior and have no direction, in other words a weak organizational structure. All of us feel we have a strong organizational structure at our places of work, or did, in Meagan’s case.
The influence of power and politics on behavior can have a significant influence on organizational behavior. It can cause discord for many, especially if you are not in the group or clique. Every company has this behavior typically but in some instance it could cause some employees to feel left out or under appreciated. We all notice it in our workplaces, but not to the extent that it is causing problems or influencing in a negative manner.
In reviewing and reflecting on the analysis and influences of organizational structure, culture, and power and politics on behavior, we found the following --- The purpose of organizational behavior is to gain a greater understanding of those factors that influence individual and group dynamics in an organizational setting so that individuals and the groups and organizations to which they belong may become more efficient and effective.

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