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Mgt/498 Final Paper

3727 words - 15 pages

Riordan Manufacturing



Strategic Plan

2013 - 2016

MGT 498
January 14, 2013

Introduction 3
Background 3
Internal Structure 4

Background to the Vision, Mission Statement, and Strategic Objectives 6
Environmental Scan 7
Vision, Mission Statement, and Values 8
Vision 8
Values 8

Mission Statement 9
Our Focus 9
Our Customer Relationships 9
Our Employees 9
Our Future 9

SWOT Analysis 10
Key Success Factors 11
Driving Forces 12
Strategic Objectives 13
Meeting Critical Success Factors and Strategic Objectives 15
Strategic Objectives Actions Plans 17
Reference 18


Riordan’s Strategic ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, given that the company has several domestic locations throughout the United States might mention where they are any overseas connections, the team must had to take into account how to create a plan that will best capture the best performance from all.

Internal Structure

Riordan has three levels of management structure:

• Executive,
• Senior Vice-President, Research & Development,
• Chief Operation Officer.

Riordan has nine main divisions as follows: an Organization Chart can help display this information.

• Sales & Marketing
o Custom Plastics
o Plastic Beverage Containers
o Fans
o International

• Transportation
o Logistics

• Operations
o Purchasing
o Quality

• Finance
o Accounting
o Financial Planning

• International Operations

• Human Resources
o Employee Relations
o Benefits

• Product Support
o Customer Service

• Legal Counsel
o Patents

• Information
o IT Services
o Network Administrator
o Database


Background to the Vision, Mission Statement, and Strategic Objectives

Developing the vision and mission of the organization required Riordan management and consulting teams to consider the concerns and views of the stakeholders. The following is the outcome of that exercise:

Future Riordan structure and operations

Riordan assumes that the future issues and concerns concerning the structure and operations of Riordan are as follows:
Good to have assumption but limited if they only relate to Riordan.
▪ Riordan is and will continue to be owned by Dr. Riordan;
▪ Riordan is an self-governing and self-sufficient corporation;
▪ Riordan will continue to impact the economy in a positive manner; how will the economy impact it?
▪ Riordan realizes that the organization will continue to improve and expand based upon current trends and demands.

Future financial arrangements

Riordan will continue to focus on making the most of every dollar in the organization. Riordan understands that the organization’s sustainability, longevity, and expansion depend greatly on the products manufactured by Riordan sold to customers globally.


Riordan has numerous stakeholders, each with its own expectations. Riordan will continue to engage stakeholders for views, issues, and concerns regarding the organization. By understanding stakeholder expectations, the organization can continue to prosper and contribute positively to the stakeholder portfolio. True, but if you are going to mention them a little more detail regarding key players and their expectations would help.

Environmental Scan

Creating an environmental scan of Riordan requires identifying strategic factors that can or will affect...

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