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MGT 521 Final Exam

1. ________ is defined as a business firm’s intention, beyond its legal and economic obligations, to do the right things and act in ways that are good for society.
• Social screening
• Social responsibility
• Social obligation
• Values-based management
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2. The balanced scorecard measures organizational performance against previously established standards. Which of the four functions of management relates most closely to setting these standards?
• Controlling
• Leading
• Organizing
• Planning
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If the staff at Jim’s did not identify the problem until after the lunch rush, what type of control would this demonstrate?
• Feedforward control
• Concurrent control
• Proactive control
• Feedback control
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8. The ________ determines the number of levels and managers in an organization.
• chain of command
• span of control
• unity of command
• delegation of authority
9. During benchmarking, an organization can compare its processes and products to competitors in its own industry and to noncompetitors outside the industry. What is a main benefit of comparing a firm’s performance against an organization it does not consider a competitor?
• A noncompetitor may allow an organization to see its practices more readily than a competitor in the same industry.
• A noncompetitor may be the world leader in a specific process or practice, and an organization can learn from it.
• A noncompetitor may be easier to find and benchmark, because the top firms in the world are so diverse.
• There is no benefit to benchmarking a firm against a noncompetitor.
10. If a manager rationalizes that he or she does not have time to investigate the source of a problem and instead resorts to putting out fires, the manager is missing the use of ________.
• bureaucratic control
• basic corrective action
• concurrent control
• immediate corrective action
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11. Which leadership theory is derived from the belief that a leader’s job is to remove pitfalls and roadblocks so followers can achieve their work goals?
• Contingency theory
• Fiedler’s theory
• Leader participation model
• Path-goal theory
12. A company that wants to distinguish itself from the competition in the marketplace is most likely using which of the following strategies?
• Functional strategy
• Focus strategy
• Differentiation strategy
• Generic strategy
13. When a manager makes use of a SWOT analysis, one of his or her objectives is to
• set specific short-term performance standards for each department
• formulate appropriate strategies to exploit strengths, protect against threats, and correct weaknesses
• evaluate the desirability of issuing stocks or bonds in the current financial climate
• identify the best employees to fill each position in the organization
14. What can be said about a manager who believes she worked hard and met her organization’s productivity goals despite unfavorable conditions?
• She has an external locus of control.
• She has a high ego strength.
• She has an internal locus of control.
• She has a low ego strength.
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15. Which of the following is a characteristic of a matrix organization?
• It is free of internal and external...

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