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Midterm Essay

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(TCO 2) Almost always listed as important for leadership success is/are ____. (Points : 3)
Basic intelligence
Clear and strong values
High level of personal energy
All of the above

Question 2.2. (TCO 2) Vince Lombardi had a _____ personality; his followers' goal was to be equal to their understanding of his ____. (Points : 3)
Schizophrenic; needs
Mercurial; orders
Stoic; desires
Charismatic; values and goals
Difficult; deficiencies

Question 3.3. (TCO 2) Concern for others requires _____ and ____, and the result is ____, which is the foundation of ____. (Points : 3)
Experience and ...view middle of the document...

7. (TCO 2) _____ advocated a _____ style of leadership and _____ advocated a _____ style of leadership. (Points : 3)
Jefferson; directive; Eisenhower; non-directive
Machiavelli; directive; Lao-Tzu; non-directive
Eisenhower; directive; Patton; non-directive
Lao-Tzu; directive; Elizabeth I; non-directive
Patton; directive; Jefferson; non-directive

Question 8.8. (TCO 2) _____ describes how difficult the leader's job can be: "Since no important decision ever pleases everyone in an organization, the leader must also absorb the displeasure, and sometimes the severe hostility, of those who would have taken a different course." (Points : 3)
Peter Drucker
Margaret Wheatley
Chris Argyris
Douglas McGregor
Ken Blanchard

Question 9.9. (TCO 2) A transformational leader does all but which of the following: (Points : 3)
Develops a vision that is compelling to followers
Articulates a strategy for bringing vision to life
Builds momentum by recognizing progress
Demonstrates character by setting an example
Takes credit for the accomplishments of others

Question 10.10. (TCO 2) An important factor in determining leadership effectiveness is _____ based on preferred styles of leading and following. (Points : 3)
The number used
Income and geography
Size and distance
Leader-follower compatibility
All of the above

Question 11.11. (TCO 5) The philosophy behind the quality movement is: (Points : 3)
People respond positively to measurements and controls.
People closest to the work usually have the experience and knowledge to come up with the best solutions to work-related problems.
People want economic security.
People need sufficient pay and benefits to sustain morale.
All of the above

1. (TCO 2) All of the following are important qualities of leadership except: (Points : 3)

Question 2.2. (TCO 2) Todd McFarlane's leadership success could be traced to: (Points : 3)
Business location and financial management
Willingness to take a risk and focus on what he could control
Start up capital and delegation skills

Question 3.3. (TCO 3) A leader's use of _____ and _____ is effective only for a short period of time. (Points : 3)
Psychological size and overbearance
Experience and skill
Patience and understanding
Knowledge and ability
None of the above

Question 4.4. (TCO 3) Dealing with people face-to-face, being open and receptive, and _____ can improve communication in the workplace by reducing physical and psychological distance. (Points : 3)
Showing courtesy
Being less judgmental
Involving people in decisions that affect them
All of the above

Question 5.5. (TCO...

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