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Mini Case 1 Analysis Shake Shack

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Mini-Case 1 Analysis - Shake Shack
Shake Shack is an American fast-casual chain based restaurant in New York City, United States, founded by Danny Meyer. Fast-casual restaurant is one of the fastest growing concepts of the restaurant industry over the last decade. Unlike old-fashioned fast food restaurants, the fast-casual restaurant market is not saturated, and franchise opportunities flourish for the businessperson.
According to the latest industry research, of the total sales the restaurant industry recorded in 2014, fast casual restaurant’s portion was small at about 8%, but the segment grew at a rate of 13%, more than three times the 3.8% growth rate by the industry overall.
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The company utilizing its resource create excellent Customer Relationship by challenging its employees to put them out of business by taking care of customers being generous. “Go do it. Give away free stuff." This is not merely about the occasional gratis dessert, it’s part of a larger effort to empower employees to do whatever it takes to make customers feel loved. Since opening the Union Square Cafe in New York in 1985, Meyer has perfected a brand of relaxed but highly polished service. Shake Shack clearly has taken advantage of the burger industry’s traditional emphasis on speed over customer care.
Shake Shack’s maintains it outstanding product management, beef is at the center of its identity, both because of how the burgers taste and because of their pedigree: humanely raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free, ground fresh from full-muscle cuts rather than scraps. In keeping with these principles, Shake Shack has worked with its bun supplier to omit genetically modified organisms and has removed corn syrup from its burger sauce and custard. This has a lot to do with Shake Shack’s success. Consumer interest in fast casual dining restaurant has increased over the past several years; however, the company should ensure there isn’t any disconnect between the consumer and the menu. It should never compromise of food quality and customer...

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