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Minimum wage

In our country so many people live in poverty. Even if they are working hard and doing everything right. Except the government who has been spending so much money on foreign soil that we have none left to spend on ourselves. Minimum wage is not as high as it should be with all of these outrageous prices and spikes in gas and food. It should at least be bumped up to eight dollars an hour starting out or maybe more. In these times of need we need companies to start appreciating there help instead of working them to death with little to show for it.
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Knowing how it feels to be a hardworking American I support the raise in minimum wage. Having two children and a husband who is not working being a single working household, I know how hard it is trying to live on minimum wage. I probably have the least amount of bills a person can have but we still struggle every day.
The government’s decision not to raise the minimum wage already is turning people against everything it stands for. Knowing how many families struggle trying to make ends meet but no one is doing anything about it. It is cruel to make the very people that put you into office struggle so everyone else can be happy.
Finally, minimum wage staying the same is just another piece of bad news for our country with everything it has been through over the years. The people of this beautiful country of ours should be able to afford to get off government sanctioned programs and live fulfilling lives out of poverty and debt.
Although the government has concerns other than raising minimum wage for Americans, the decision to not raise minimum wage is cruel and not in the best interest of our country. Rather than trying to help Americans get out of poverty, surely the government could choose another course of action to help out. At this point, Americans would be glad for some relief in other ways to help level it out. This way, Americans would at least be given the chance to thrive in this great country of ours.

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