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Mis Project Essay

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Table of Contents
1. Company Background 4 - 5
2. Business Problem Statement 5 - 6
A. Identification of Issues
B. Desired State of Problem
C. Obstacles
3. High-Level Solution 6 - 8
A. Introduction
a. Solution Outline
b. Summation
4. Implementation Benefits 8 -
A. Management Information System (MIS) Presentation
B. MIS Projections
a. Database Management System (DBMS)
b. Cloud Computing
c. E-commerce and The Internet
5. Benefits/Technical Approach X
6. Business Process Changes X
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Though she retained a marketing consultant during the initial planning stages, she did not realize the significance of designing and implementing a management information system (MIS). The oversight has resulted in less efficient decision-making and hugely obstructed operational productivity. In December of 2014 the business will celebrate its fourth anniversary. However, it faces a number of challenges, most resulting from the inability to pool information from a range of sources into a single database and present them in a logical format when necessary to support decisions which are highly informed.
The business plan of KL&C included business expansion in the company’s fifth year. Nearing the end of its fourth year, Louvre understands that changes are mandatory. Therefore, following her attendance at a seminar hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) on management information systems. The theme of the seminar was, “Computers are good at swift, accurate computation and at storing great masses of information. The brain, on the other hand, is not as efficient a number cruncher and its memory is often highly fallible; a basic inexactness is built into its design. The brain's strong point is its flexibility. It is unsurpassed at making shrewd guesses and at grasping the total meaning of information presented to it” (Campbell, 1931). With this knowledge Louvre contracted the services of a local consulting firm to evaluate and propose ways to improve the organization’s structure, efficiency, and ability to generate revenue.
Business Problem Statement
The Profit Agency has been retained by the Knitter’s Lounge & Café to prepare a management information systems proposal based on a range of disciplines to determine business needs and develop solutions to the company’s business problems. Based on a thorough analysis, KL&C is at present unsustainable because of its inability to successfully manage its existing customer base, reach new customers, and generate the revenue necessary to support future expansion efforts. Louvre used personal monies, instead of obtaining financing using traditional methods, which caused the primary problem, too much funding. Additionally, lack of accountability has masked mistakes and allowed the focus to be geared toward things unimportant to the company’s success.
Plainly stated, the problem faced by KL&C is the fact that management has diminished the clichéd crisis of the dogs not eating the dog food. “When you don't have money you reformulate the dog food so that the dogs will eat it. When you have a lot of money you can afford to argue that the dogs should like the dog food because it is nutritious" (Nobel, 2011). Thus, in the absence of a viable management information system appropriately equipped and connected KL&C lacks the capacity essential to engaging in consulting, marketing, sales, research, communications, and integral functions that are a part of...

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