Misconceptions And Gluten Free Dieting Essay

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Misconceptions and Gluten-Free Dieting

Maintaining a gluten-free diet is said to promote weight loss and increased energy. What does science say? For many years, people have developed a mentality that the health claim of going “Gluten-free” can be a solution to easy weight loss and energy promotion. Confusion has evolved and the idea of what gluten actually is has been misconstrued. Many people believe that gluten is completely bad and should be cut from the daily diet of the individual. With this misconceived mentality, the common dieter has a new belief that the “breakthrough” to easy dieting and simple weight-loss will arrive if they simply purge this one protein from their eating ...view middle of the document...

Palmer describes, how many people regard a gluten free diet as a fundamental way to lose weight. “The gluten-free food business is set to reap $7 billion this year, and more than half of these foods will be purchased by people with no clear medical reason to avoid gluten,” she writes.4 With such a contagious method of operating, a gluten-free diet has been confused with a replacement alternative to traditional dieting. Though not all dieting is bad, a gluten-free diet can actually cause more harm than good to those that have no reason to be gluten-free.4 In regards to an unnecessary gluten-free diet, Palmer states, “this fad diet can lead you to miss out on important nutrients found in whole grains, which have been linked to heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancer.”4 Overall, the modern dieter needs to exercise more caution with the methods they use to diet especially in regards to lack of gluten consumption.
Dieting myths about gluten are not limited to the average household member; they extend much farther and have even fooled many highly fit athletes and their trainers.5 Until recently, some athletes have practiced a gluten-free lifestyle that unintentionally hindered their performance on and off the field. In her article, “Popular Diets and Athletes: Premises, Promises, Pros, and Pitfalls of Diets and What Athletes Should Know About Diets and Sports Performance,” Christine Rosenbloom breaks down the extent of consequences that athletes suffer from should they choose gluten-free dieting methods instead of traditional methods.5 Rosenbloom writes, “Athletes who choose gluten-free without having celiac disease or NCGS should be aware that they may not get adequate carbohydrate to fuel training and performance.”5 Not receiving proper carbohydrate or nutritional value from whole grain foods can cause an athlete and any individual to perform at a lower level than their possible peak leading to decreased athletic output, health, or daily functioning.5 To prevent depletion in alimentary values, more traditional dieting methods should be chosen that have a healthy balance of needed nutrients and other dieting supplements.5
The sad truth about gluten-free dieting is that rumors regarding its “incredible benefits” are being spread faster than ever.5 With celebrity backing, best-selling books, and unwarranted and spectacular media coverage, more and more people are starting to incorporate a gluten-free lifestyle to lose weight and increase energy. As science has shown, this is a false claim and many dieting methods are much more effective than a simple cure all gluten-free diet. As David Nash and Amy Slutzky address unnecessary media attention and the myths surrounding gluten in their article, “Gluten Sensitivity: New Epidemic or New Myth? Every Major Change in Our Diet Carries With It the Possibility of Unforeseen Risks”.3 They state, “Approximately 30% of all Americans are now either avoiding foods that contain gluten or eliminating...

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