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Module 4 Assignment Instructions
Transfer of Training Paper
Write a 1.5 to 2 page paper (typed, double-spaced) on the transfer of training. Include the following:
What is “transfer of training”?
Why is transfer of training important?
What are potential barriers to transfer of training?
What are strategies to avoid or overcome the barriers? Consider strategies before, during and after the training that promote the transfer of knowledge and skills into the workplace.

Transfer of training refers to trainees obtaining knowledge or abilities they learn in a training room, and take back what they learned to their jobs.
It’s important for trainees to take what they learn from training meetings and apply it to their job, because what they obtain will be important. Companies big and small spend millions of dollars each year on training courses for their employers. Transfer of training improves staff’s performance. Just in case an ...view middle of the document...

There are many potential barriers to transfer of training. Trainees’ tend to know what the impractical training programs are going to go over, and fail to listen. Trainees feel as if they aren’t getting enough support, or feel inspired to do their job more efficiently. Any type of rule change may cause discomfort for trainees. Fail to transfer what they learn to their job because they feel pressured. The environment of the training room can stress out staff, to where they don’t feel comfortable enough to pay attention. Supervisors don’t give enough positive or negative reinforcement on the job.
Interferences such as; school, time, faculty conversations, can take place. This will have a huge effect on employers who really need training to transfer what they learn into their job. Lack of setting up an organized training program, setting a goal, showing support and reinforcement are the main barriers.
In order to overcome these barriers, one must be patient and organized before the training that promote the transfer of knowledge and skills into the workplace. During the training; trainers should prepare for one specific goal that links to staff’s job performance. Go over what they expect from their employers and business requirements. Trainers should provide strategies or coaching skills for managers, and make their transfer of training not too complex.
After the training; staff need to have a strong dominate leader. Managers should take the time to get to know their employers on a personal note, and go over what they learned from the training programs. Trainers should check up on their trainees’ progress; to ensure that the work environment enhances. These tasks will increase trainees’ performance, and decrease the stress of the supervisor because they trust their employees to do their job appropriately.
Supervisors are responsible for resolving problems of transfer of training. It’s the trainees right to withhold any new knowledge they obtain. If they fail to comply, it’s up to the supervisor’s decision to terminate the employer or give them support.

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