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Mission Essay

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As I look over my freshman essay, I remember the process in which it took to compete this essay. I strongly believe with the skills that I’ve gained over the years, would have helped me with the development of this paper. At first, I thought this essay would be the hardest thing that I would have to do within my college career. However, as I’m coming close to the end of my college career I realized I was wrong. Nonetheless, looking at my freshman essay now, I do see how I’ve grown within these past for years. Within my freshman year, I ...view middle of the document...

In addition, before beginning this essay, I should have created an outline to help guide me throughout my paper. The outline would have given me the opportunity go through the research that I’ve gathered and helped to be more critical on how I wanted to present evil and it’s different levels. Doing this would have help me to develop this essay within a more critical and organize matter. While reading my freshman essay, I find myself coming up with more ideas of how I could have develop my point of view of the branches of evil, hence making an stronger argument. For example, I should have went into more deal of the ways evil is view within religion and our society. By doing this, it would have gave a more insight to the reader of how the paper is developing. This also would have given the reader an additional understanding of what evil is. After that, I would have went in to the different branches of evil, defining them of how they are. With defining them, I should have given more of everyday life examples of how evil as presented itself in the life of people. Presenting these examples, with the support from the research and literature would have made a stronger paper.

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