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Mistake At A Party Essay

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The Mistake of a Party

A Normal School Day

It was a mild, sunny Thursday in the middle of March at Surewood High School where
the seniors were throwing together a Spring Break Senior Bash. The bell rang for tenth period to end.
Sierra was standing at her locker grabbing her homework out for that night when suddenly she dropped her History book.
She knelt down to grab it when Brandon came over and bent down to grab it too. Simultaneously, they both knocked heads.
“OWW!” both of them shouted as they stood up. Brandon was holding the History book.
“Uh, I think this is yours,” said Brandon as he gave Sierra the book.
“Yeah thanks,” said Sierra as she smiled back.
“Oh, ...view middle of the document...

Brandon shakes his head. “Anyway. So will you come to my party tonight?”
Sierra paused. She replied, “Um, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.”
“Please,” replied Brandon.
“I don’t know if I will fit in,” replied Sierra “and I don’t think anyone wants me there.”
“I do,” Brandon reassured, “and it’s my party.”
“Oh. Well I guess I can come for awhile,” replied Sierra, trying to hide a grin.
“Okay. I’ll see you at 9 o’clock tonight at my house,” said Brandon as he flashed a
“See you then,” replied Sierra. Then she closed her locker and started to walk home to get
ready for the party.

I Love You Mom

5 PM
It’s a Thursday afternoon and Sierra arrived at her front door and sprinted in.
“Mom, I’m home!” yells Sierra as she puts her book bag on the counter.
There is no answer. “Mom?” Sierra repeats again.
“Up here!” yells Sandy, her mom.
Sierra runs up the stairs. “Hi mom,” says Sierra panting and breathing heavily.
“Hi; how was school sweetie?” replied Sandy with a smile
“Good; I got invited to a party. Can I go?” asks Sierra.
“I don’t see why not,” replies Sandy.
“Yes! Thanks mom,” said Sierra.
“Uh wait a minute. May I ask where it is?” asks her mom.
“Uh, it’s at Brandon’s house. I used to be good friends with him.” replied Sierra.
“Oh that’s fine I guess,” Sandy replies, a little unsure.
“Thanks mom!” Sierra replies as she gives her mom a hug and hurriedly runs upstairs to get ready for the party.

Sierra is ready to leave for the party. “Alright mom, I’m about to go!” shouts Sierra.
“Okay. Promise me you won’t be home too late because remember tomorrow is the last day before Spring Break,” said Sandy.
“I promise mom. I’ll be fine. Don’t wait up,” replies Sierra as she dashes out the door.

The Mistake

9:05 PM
Sierra arrives at Brandon’s house. Brandon meets her at the door. “I’m glad you came,” says Brandon. “Me too,” replies Sierra. Both of them walk in together holding hands.
Brandon and Sierra have a good time together. They talk, dance, laugh and play games until Emily spots them together.

10:35 PM
“Hey, I’m going to get a drink. Do you want one?” Brandon asks Sierra.
“No thanks,” replies Sierra.
“Okay. I’ll be right back,” says Brandon as he smiles and then turns to go get a drink.
Sierra started to look around, feeling a little lonely. Suddenly she notices Emily walking towards her.
“Hi Emily,” says Sierra.
“Hi,” replies Emily. “Are you having a fun time?” she asks, as she gives Sierra a fake grin.
“Yeah definitely!” replies Sierra. She adds, “I’m just wondering what is taking Brandon so long?”
“I’m not sure, but can I tell you a secret that will help Brandon like you more?” Emily asks kindly.
“Sure if it will help,” Sierra answers.
Emily knowingly lies to Sierra. “Brandon loves a girl that can drink. Let me start you off.” Emily gives Sierra a red drink, which is punch mixed with alcohol. Sierra took the drink and begins to drink it.

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