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Mkt/571 Week 2 Essay

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Applying the Learning Curve theory

Beliard, Jean
University of Phoenix
OPS 571 – Operations Management
September 20, 2010
Dr. Alavaro Carreras, Jr.

Mario’s Pizza Simulation
The learning curve is a very useful tool organization can use to ensure a more efficient and profitable business. This tool allows organizations to manage their entire staff from top to bottom. The simulation help organizations make more educated decisions and ensure that they are doing the best for the company. Furthermore, the simulation help many organizations have a better understanding of how their processes need to be accomplish. According to Nicholas J. Aquilano, Richard B the decisions need to be ...view middle of the document...

With these two corrections to the business, mario can be closer to a very profitable business.
The learning curve Concepts
The learning curve process is a very useful for a small business like Mario’s. In the existing process at Mario’s Pizza Parlor, the learning curve concepts can be applied in many ways. The first concepts can use to observe individuals who perform tasks repeatedly. According to Michael Wright this phenomenon yield to three aspects on which this theory can be useful. The amount of time required to complete a task reduces as the task is repeated. In addition, the improvement decreases as more units are produced, therefore the rate of improvement has to be sufficient, consistent to allow its use (Human Behavior Central, 2004, “P.” 32).This concept was found on the Federal Aviation Administration website was very helpful in determining the correct process to choose in the pizza simulation. It shows ways to make better use of the different department by having more staff and use different departments to complete the task. In analyzing the pizza simulation, to satisfy Mario and his customers is to stick with this learning curve idea. The idea is to have more staff on daily where his customer service can be more efficient. In this simulation I compiled some process performance data, which is as follows: I had to choose whether or not to change the current serving staff, cooks, and the amount of two person and four person tables to have to provide the optimal service without cutting into the profits.

|Week |Tables for 2 |Tables for 4 |Work Staff |Total Cost/Day |Profit |
| |Utilization % |Utilization % | | $ | $ |
|3-4 |84.91 |97.11 |2 Cooks |2,218 |1,418 |
| | | |4 Servers | | |
|5-6 ...

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