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Mkt500: Marketing Management Assignment 5

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In this assignment I will describe my small business’s marketing plan. This marketing plan will include an executive summary, mission statement, branding, pricing, and distribution plan and IMC and customer satisfaction plan along with other important factors. I will discuss the company’s competitors and its strengths and weaknesses that it posses. I will also determine the differentiation strategy in relation to the closet competitor. Then I will explain whether the company’s intention is to be a leader or follower within the industry. After explaining that, I will assess the macro-environmental issues trends with which the company must operate. Last but not least, I will identify ...view middle of the document...

Customizing goods to fit customer’s personality, style and needs is a priority of Tootsie’s Customized Goods. Making sure a customer stands out from the rest is a must. Customer’s ideas and thoughts matter. What they envision, Tootsie’s Customized Goods turns into an actual vision and reality. Working hard with a creative mind to provide fun, bold and eccentric goods, customers expect and deserve.
Company Introduction
A year ago, I used to bedazzle my shoes, phone cases, clothes, etc. I use to upload pictures on my face book and twitter account. I even put the pictures in its own photo album called “Tootsies Junk”. A lot of females seen my items (goods) and were interested in getting something created just for them. So I started charging to make the customized goods for my face book and twitter friends. I was getting more business than I expected because once I made something for friends they referred me to others. I didn’t have any business cards or a website to advertise my goods to other people. My advertisements are usually by word of mouth and I knew that wasn’t enough. So, I decided to make a face book page specifically for Tootsies Junk. The face book page is a page where I can post photos and information about my business. Face book will also advertise the page to all face book users for a fee every day. I couldn’t afford to pay for the advertisements so I decided to get business cards made and share the link to my face book and twitter friends. It was a very easy strategy and it started to get my business name out in my city. My customers were telling their cousins, friends, etc. about my business and that got me business. Now my business just stands as a small local business because I do not have the time to really put much effort into it due to school and work. Even though I have a busy schedule, I would like to expand my business.
Tootsie’s Junk Products
Tootsie’s Customized Goods is a bedazzling business which consists of me bedazzling clothes, shoes, phone cases, purses, earrings, basically anything a person wants done etc. There is no given product that I offer because there are a variety of items I bedazzle. Even though I do a variety of item, I have popular items that I always make. The popular items of Tootsie's Customized Goods are cell phone cases and shoes. But usually whatever the customer wants to be customized, I will create for them. The items are customized to the customer’s likings and needs.
Phone cases are one of my popular products and are a big seller of Tootsies Customized Goods. Even though, I don’t have a set product that I offer, I can use phone cases as a main product that my company will offer. I put rhinestones, cute sayings, broken pieces from jewelry, buttons, etc, basically anything I can find around the house or in the craft stores, I will use. A lot of young females like their phone cases to be girly and designed with something they like. Females, ages 16 to 29, are the ones who usually are...

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