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The Mongolian invasion of Western Europe was a significant historical event mainly because it brought Europe’s attention to the rapidly expanding kingdom of Genghis Khan. The Tartars as the Europeans referred to them presented a threat mainly because they were becoming too difficult to manage and were slowly advancing to parts of Central Europe. Many accounts and literature surfaced as Europe needed to know this enemy that was slowly advancing. One of the most famous accounts of the Mongolians was written by Giovanni Carpini. Sent by Pope Innocent IV Giovanni had the important task of converting the Khan to Christianity as well learning all he could about the Mongols after which he would ...view middle of the document...

Thus, it was instrumental that the expeditions made by Giovanni as well as the contributions of Marco Polo be spread in Europe to clarify on some of these issues. For example, Europeans believed that there were mythical creatures in those regions where the Mongols were and to some extent Giovanni supported this notion by adding such information in his literary text . His accounts of their cultural practices, religious beliefs and political systems have been credited by many as accurate and this makes a good source of analyzing how the Europeans covered the story of the Mongols.
The first major misconception tat the Europeans had about the Mongols was their religious practices. Regarded as heathens who needed converting the Pope saw this as an opportune moment and seized. Though pessimistic that the Mongols had little religious tolerance he still sent Giovanni to try and succeed in converting the Khans. Giovanni was instrumental in teaching Europe that the Mongols have tolerance to the various religions present. The findings also showed the Europeans the intellectual side of the Mongols who they considered as savages. Giovanni was surprised to find order in the Mongol people expecting contrary behavior associated with savagery as the Europeans assumed. For example, his discovery that the Mongols made a lot of efforts in avoiding the wastage of food as well as necessary resources revealed a different side to the Tartars one Europe was not accustomed to. The practice of course was mainly because their region had little resources therefore they had to maintain them as best as possible.
Their invasion of Europe as Giovanni points out was brutal and led to a lot of death and destruction in the region. As he points out the invasion was necessary for their survivals and their brutality was important to ensure that their conquest remained under them. The Europeans also had misconceptions about the Mongols claiming that they were uncivilized; however Giovanni points how these people obeyed the rule of law in their kingdom which was a very interesting discovery. Their invasion tactics did paint them as brutal people, however, Giovanni’s account while at their kingdom reveals otherwise. According to him, they had various laws and customs that ensured peace and unity in their kingdom. For example, the brutal punishments inflicted on those who would steal or commit murder. They also had artistic building such as the Khan’s court which was very enormous and well decorated and all these seem to strike doubt in Europeans as they were very far from what they expected to learn about the Mongols.
Despite trying to cover all aspects of the Mongols, Giovanni did focus more on several areas considering his purpose and vocation in the Catholic Church. Giovanni pointed a lot of information considering two factors about the Mongols . The first was their political system and how it was implemented in the entire kingdom as well as the conquered states. The second...

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