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Monitor Survey Study Essay

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Monitor Study Summary
All users have been provided with one 19” extended width monitor. The system provides the ability to view multiple documents at once (side by side) for comparison purposes, however this feature is not used very often because the screen size limits the display to only small fonts, the entire document is not visible all at once, and the dual display is too complicated to set-up. Additionally, the quality of the scan in many cases is not as clear as an original typed document (such as this document), requiring the font to be displayed larger than normal size in order for it to be legible. Tasks performed by our users require them to be constantly comparing ...view middle of the document...

Ten out of twelve testers recommended the dual monitors. However, ten of the twelve participants stated that the single 24” monitor had significant benefits over the single 19” monitor. The following is a summary of the findings for each monitor configuration.
Dual Monitors
The dual monitors provided the following benefits:
1. Increased workflow, efficiency, and productivity – Classification A reported a savings of 30 minutes – 3 hours per day, with an average of 110 minutes per day. Four of the six Classification reported a savings of 1 to 2 hours per day, with an average of 90 minutes per day. Increased accuracy - Six of the twelve participants noted an increase of accuracy.
2. Decreased print volume - On average, participants noted a 44% reduction in the amount of printing required to perform their job functions.
3. Reduced body strain, stress, and fatigue - Nine of the twelve participants reported reduced body strain, tension and fatigue.
Two of the Classification B recommended the 24” monitor reported that they did not like using the dual monitors and did not experience any benefit from using them. Three participants recommended that the second monitor be 24” instead of 19” to benefit from the additional screen surface, as well as being able to magnify hard to read documents.
Increased Workflow, Efficiency, and Productivity
Ten of the twelve participants reported that the dual monitors significantly improved the workflow and increased efficiency and productivity. Classification A reported an average time savings of 110 minutes per day and the Classification B reported an average time savings of 90 minutes per day. Participants reported that dual monitors made it possible to more easily perform the following functions:
* Multi-task
* View multiple systems simultaneously
* View multiple documents side by side
* View documents while creating e-form
* Complete electronic documents and reports while displaying required information enlarged on second screen
All twelve participants reported that they frequently viewed document s side by side with the dual monitors, compared to only three with the single 19” monitor. One Classification (A) reported doubling their production and output, another reported being able to conduct interviews at a faster rate, and a third reported being able to reduce their case work time from 90 to 45 minutes.
Increased Accuracy
Being able to view required information while completing forms, electronic documents and reports improved accuracy. Also, being able to view multiple systems simultaneously made it possible to view time sensitive information, while reviewing other documents.
Decreased Print Volume
Ten of the twelve participants reported a decrease in the amount of documents that needed to be printed, on average by 44%.
Reduced Body Strain, Stress and Fatigue

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