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Moral Compass Essay

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Individual Deliverable Assignment 1:
The Moral Compass Essay

The Role of Human Values in Business Leadership

Qiannan Xu
Jun 22, 2015

My Personal Integrity

Chinese cultural development is significantly influenced by Confucius who is one of the greatest teach, editor, and politician in Chinese history. Confucianism exerts a deep impact on Chinese society. It conveys the ideal of social and political ethics to us. According to Kaplan (2015), “The rise of Asia in our time has a great deal to do with how the social stability encouraged by Confucianism has interacted with modern capitalism” (p. 2). The two most important ideologies of Confucianism are “humaneness” and “virtue,” ...view middle of the document...

My parents treat their parents with filial respect and make friends with sincere hearts. When their friends are in need, they will help them without hesitation. As I grew up, I see several times when they were faced with some temptations. All they did is to hold on to their conscience and successfully resist the temptation. One of the key traits I have learned from them is perseverance. Nothing is easy in real life. We cannot live smoothly all the time. What we need when we come across some challenging moments is to hang in there and strive with the difficulty. When we finally pass through all the obstacles, every effort turns out to be worthwhile. My parents’ integrity and kindness helped me develop a solid foundation for my moral fitness.

In addition, I learn moral lessons from book and inspirational movies. One of those movies I like most is The Forrest Gump. The story tells the life of a good-hearted but slow-witted man called Forrest Gump, who endeavors to live a meaningful and happy life after experiencing all kinds of difficulties. Along the road, one thing that never changes is his goodness and honesty. Many of my friends and I are hugely influenced by this great movie. It makes us to reflect on our life and what we truly want.

One big moral challenge confronting me in my life happened when I was in high school. In my senior year of high school, there was an important exam approaching in the last semester. One of my best friends came to me right before the big exam. He asked me to tell him the solutions during the exam using some kind of cheating methods. He looked very anxious and helpless. I knew how important this exam meant to him. With all the intense press he had got from his parents, he became very unconfident and flurried. But in my mind, I knew he was capable of getting through the exam and gaining a good result. I preferred to believe that he didn’t really mean to cheat. He just panicked. Although he was an important friend to me, I could not allow myself to cheat because it was unfair for other students who had worked hard to prepare for the exam. It would do no good to my friend either. After making my mind turn down him, I patiently talked him through my reason and showed him my confidence in him. Luckily he accepted my advice and got back on his feet.

My Future as A Business Leader

It is undeniable that human value is the keystone in business development. However, our personal moral principles could be challenged in business world. Failure to pay attention to moral...

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