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More Vs. Marx Essay

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Explain at least four of the ways in which More tries to reduce the work load for individuals in Utopia. What did he want Utopians to do in their spare time? Is More’s attitude about labor the same as Marx’s? Why or why not?
When comparing Utopia by Sir Thomas More and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, it is clearly noticeable that both take on different extremes while discussing common issues. For instance, Thomas More believes that idleness is unnecessary and that the workload shouldn’t be as burdensome, therefore he finds a way to lessen the workload by lessening the work hours for each day, creating gender specific occupations, emphasizing the ...view middle of the document...

Some common occupations/trades are spinning and weaving, blacksmithing, and carpentry. According to More, due the fact that women are less strong, they are employed in trades that do not require excessive laborious work. Young boys usually are taken under the wing of their father and learn through apprenticeship (unless their talents reveal a different path for them).
Another way Thomas More tried to reduce the workload of those part of the Utopian society comprises of the importance of reason and intellectual exploration. For example, More describes Utopians as spending idle time taking part in scholarly activities, such as attending public lectures, and finding natural enjoyment in learning. More clearly proclaims the necessity of reason when describing this specific area while incorporating religions of Utopia. Within Utopia, each religion is fundamentally the same, each guided of nature and what is natural. Doing what nature intends, which is established through reason, is the true way of worshipping God, according to the Utopians. This claim remains consistent with the humanist theory of a higher, absolute natural law created by God, and thus must be followed by man. For man to be able to “discover” this natural law, one must use reason.
The final way Thomas More tried to reduce the workload of the members of the Utopian society was through strategic punishment. More argued that the Utopian society can never be wealthy since common ownership deprives the people of the incentive...

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