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“Mothers At Work And Stay At Home Mothers On Children’s Attitude Towards Family And Learning: Basis For The Development Of Some (Strengthening Oneself Through Mother’s Enduring) Love Program”

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Name : Vigiline B. Apoli

Title : “Mothers - at - Work and Stay - at - Home Mothers on Children’s Attitude towards Family and Learning:
Basis for the Development of SOME (Strengthening Oneself through Mother’s Enduring) Love Program”

Degree : Master of Education

Specialization : Guidance and Counseling

Key Concepts : Mother - at – Work, Stay - at - Home Mother, Children’s Attitude, Family, Learning, and SOME Love Program”

Adviser : Peter Howard R. Obias, Ph.D.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of the study was to find out the impact of mothers- at-work and stay-at-home mothers with their children’s ...view middle of the document...

There were sixty-four (64) students both in grades four and six levels and sixty-one (61) for grade five. The research had one hundred (100) male and eighty-nine (89) female respondents. The students were purposively chosen as respondents of the study.
The instrument used was made by the researcher which composed of statements both for mothers– at - work and stay – at – home mothers. The researcher had preliminary survey with the respondents to be used in the final questionnaire. This questionnaire was validated by experts to ensure the appropriateness of each statement to the respondents.
Data Analysis
To show the concrete results of the data that was gathered, the following statistical tools were used for the study:
Weighted mean was used to determine the scores of attitudes on the different variables and its totality towards family and learning of both mother - at - work and stay - at - home mothers.
The two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine the significant difference between the profile and attitudes of the respondents.

Summary of Findings
The following information gave the findings of this study based on the data gathered and analyzed.
1. From the total population of mothers of the respondents, there were one hundred thirty-two (132) mothers – at – work while stay – at – home mothers were fifty-one (51). The results showed that there were more mothers – at – work than stay – at – home mothers in grades four to six levels. The number of stay – at – home mothers in all levels was very small. It showed an eighty –one (81) big difference in the values between mother – at – work than in stay – at – home mothers which.
2. All mean scores of mothers – at – work were higher than stay – at – home mothers. The total mean score for mothers– at – work in family was 3.76 while stay – at – home mothers was 3.58. For learning, stay – at – home mothers had only 3.52 compared to mother – at – work which got 3.63. The highest computed mean was 3.81 both for the security and independence subvariables. The lowest computed mean of 3. 43 was for socialization. All scores fell under “agree” interpretation that indicated a positive outlook towards their mothers whether at - work or at - home.
2.1 The 3.77 mean score for mothers – at – work of grade four level students was the highest value in all levels while the same grade level had the lowest value of 3.55 in stay – at – home mothers. Grade five level with 4.01 reached the largest value.
2.2. The grade five level with 4.10 score had the greatest number in learning for mothers – at – work while the least value was achieved by grade six with 3.63. However, grade six level obtained the highest value of 3.86 in stay – at – home mothers.
2.3 The boys had higher mean score value of 3.84 than girls with 3.69 in attitudes toward family for mothers – at – work whereas girls had the greater value of 3.85 in stay – at – home mothers...

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