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Motivation And Emotion Essay

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Motivation and Emotion: Option one

We all have needs. There are many things that we need to achieve before making it to the big goal, whether it’s our day to day goals, or goals we achieve over time. moreover, psychologically we have specific personal needs that need to be met before we feel satisfied and motivated in our daily lives.
Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of motivational needs is a model of what we are to fulfil in order to keep the motivation.
Starting at the bottom of the pyramid, first we have Physiological; your basic needs for everyday life like eating and ...view middle of the document...

Above Physiological is Safety. we all need to feel safe in our daily lives, and we all need to feel safe and secure in our home environment. The need for safety and security also include financial security, having a job that pays well and being able to pay your way and keep that roof over your head plays a big role in this need for safety.
Love and Belongingness is third on the hierarchy and stands for our need to love and be loved, and to feel like we’re accepted and that we belong to something or somewhere. once your physiological and safety needs are met, you seek affection and belongingness from others. feeling like you belong somewhere and you’re loved play a big role in what keeps us all going. It takes a lot to feel completely satisfied in love and belongingness.
The next level of Maslow's hierarchy is Esteem. Esteem has to do with both Self-esteem and esteem from others, We all want recognition and respect from others as well as competence and respect from ourselves
Self- Actualization, the last level at the top of the hierarchy. After someone has fulfilled the physiological, safety, love, and esteem needs, they tend to look for further motivation in Self-actualization. A need to fulfill one's true and full potential and to be all that they can be.

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