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Motivation And The Brain Essay

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Motivation and the Brain
September 9, 2013
University of Phoenix
Motivation and the Brain
Motivation is involved in every area of a person’s life. When a person eats healthy, exercises, quits smoking, stops drinking, goes to school, goes to work, and many other thing he or she does through the power of motivation. Motivation gives a person a reason to act: the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something. The brain is the where motivation begins. The brain is our control center for the functioning and development of human beings. The driving force in motivation is the brain, it also controls actions needed for him or her to become motivated about ...view middle of the document...

A person would need to satisfy primary needs in order to satisfy secondary needs.
Exercise improves physiological development and also promotes psychological well-being. Participating in exercise dramatically improves a person’s well-being, especially if that person is suffering from a chronic illness (Graham, Kremer, & Wheeler, 2008), while individual components of well-being, including fortitude, stress management, and coping have all been shown to improve significantly when associated with a regular exercise schedule (Lewis & Sutton, 2011). Other motivations for exercising include looking and feeling good.
Why we exercise is different for many people, but ultimately we all need to; to have a healthy mind, body, and soul. Many people exercise because they feel good afterwards, have more energy, and their body looks good. They enjoy the praise and recognition that he or she receives. Some of these are intrinsic motivators, and some are extrinsic motivators. Intrinsic motivation is seen in fully self-determined individuals: their motivation for particular behaviors is a fully integrated part of their sense of self, and they take part in exercise because they find it inherently enjoyable (Lewis & Sutton, 2011). Extrinsic motivation is more instrumental; the activities are engaged in because of some desired end result rather than for the activity itself (Lewis & Sutton, 2011). An example of this occurs when a person exercises for the sole purpose of losing weight. He or she does not find pleasure or enjoyment but continue to do it because it is a major factor in losing weight. Another intrinsic motivator could be if his or her physician tells him or her to lose weight for health reasons, this would motivate to exercise to lose weight.
Intrinsic motivation can be influenced by heredity and a person’s environment. A person learns ways to motivate or not motivate themselves. For example, if a person grows up watching his or her caregiver lack motivation (he or she does not strive for better) he or she will not know how to motivate him or herself to strive for more. It is likely that a person which grows up in a family that does not exercise on a regular basis, except for the sole purpose to lose weight, will not either he or she has never learned how to motivate him or herself. Opposite of that is a person growing up in a family that encourages and engages in regular exercise for the love it; will likely continue to exercise after moving away from their family.
Sometimes finding the motivation to exercise takes a little work. A person’s daily life often gets in the way, and he or she thinks that there is no time...

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