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Motivations In Advertising Essay

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Motivations in Advertising
Taneisha Cox
July 25, 2016
Daja McCleve

Motivations in Advertising
The commercial I chose to write about is the Coca-Cola-#MakeItHappy commercial from February of 2015. This commercial spoke to me especially with all of the hatred that has been spreading lately with the black lives matter, and all lives matter campaigns going on in the US right now.
This commercial opens with a young man visibly upset typing aggressively on his keyboard with images of cyber bullying flashing and being said on his screen. Then they flash to an extremely large server warehouse where a maintenance man is working on a section of severs. He takes a drink of his glass ...view middle of the document...

To either hurt someone or make someone's day. At the end of the day, it's whatever we make it. Let's #MakeItHappy."
The different theories of motivation are a great way to learn about not only yourself and how you react, but also how the world uses them to play on who we are. According to Chapter 10 in Essentials of Psychology intrinsic motivations are personal and drive persons to do something whether or not they get a reward. Extrinsic motivations are external rewards or punishments that motivate you to perform a specific action. If there was an extrinsic motivation in this commercial, I did not seem obvious to me. This commercial pulled at my heart strings to change put more positive out in the world instead of hate. Theory of evolution is used to explain the psychology behind our behaviors. People perform these behaviors regardless of their cultures. The drive approach motivates action; it also is defined as tension arising from within our physiological systems. Arousal states that we seek out a particular level of arousal that is stimulating but not overwhelming. The only two motivations that seem to fit this commercial are intrinsic and...

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