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Movies Essay

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For years people have been scared by horror movies and they continue going back. Alfred Hitchcock once said, "drama is life with the dull bits left out." Why do people like to watch other people get hurt and die while being scared enough to make them jerk in their seat? Movie goers like horror movies because people in general have dull lives. Males just use it as a opportunity to get close to their partner, while females like to get scared while in the presence of their "man."

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Almost every horror movie made in the last 20 years has a young attractive female actor running around mindlessly. If men were not attracted to this, then producers obviously wouldn't make movies this way. Men would also rather take their partner with them to see these kinds of movies. Men know their "female friend" will want to cuddle up!

Women on the other hand want to have the fear factor but want their partner to be by their side. Most women movie goers will NOT watch a horror film alone. They want to feel the protection of their "man." It allows them to be scared while feeling secure at the same time. Men of course don't mind this at all. They planned on it!

Most horror movies are made for the viewing age of 17 - 30. The people in this age group still enjoy going out on the weekends to get away from the pressures of school and work. Horror movies give excitement and suspense in the lives of movie goers. It presents trust between partners when the girl jumps in her seat and clenches the arm of her boyfriend. It makes men feel strong as if they are protecting their partner. Horror movies allow movie goers to have a little bit of the real world while knowing they can go home and rest comfortably in their own bed.

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