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Chapter One: Introduction and Research Methods
* Origins of Psychology: 1. PHILOSOPHY; concepts- 2. PHYSIOLOGY; brain and behavior- 3. WILHELM WUNDT; followed psych as a science- 4. EDWARD TICHENER; structuralism, take bare parts down and study each part-5. WILLIAM JAMES AND STUDENTS; functionalism, didn’t care why someone did something he wanted to know the reason for it—one student G. Stanley Hall was the first PHD in US- 6. SIGMUND FREUD; had theories and ideas of psych analysis- 7. JOHN WATSON; behavioralism...treating people for their illnesses instead of just researching about it- 8. CARL ROGERS; client therapy, unconditional positive regard and concern, connecting with your ...view middle of the document...

Emotional responses. Being more impulsive, doing things that they shouldn’t when damage to the limbic system.
Chapter 3 Sensation and Perception
* Sensation- the process of detecting a physical stimulus such as light, sound, heat or pressure.
* Perception- the process of integrating, organizing, and interpreting sensations.
* Sensory Thresholds- Absolute threshold- depends on the person and the age..younger people have better thresholds, subliminal perception-
* Sensory adaptation- when you are in an environment for a certain amount of time you start to adapt to it. Our cells adapt to stimuli.

Vision, hearing, smell, taste
* What we see? –electromagnetic spectrum make sense of world based on light
* How we see? -pupil lets light into the retina, iris is the color, cornea is sensitive, sensory receptive cells sends message to optic nerve and then to occipital lobe.
* What do we hear? –very detailed hearing. It’s also perceiving
* How we smell? –Chemicals in the air and goes thru our olfactory nerve,
* Perception of shape –relate things to the shapes that they are, which is why infants take a while to see...

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