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Music And Its Effect On The Learning Experience Of Children From Early Childhood To Adulthood

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Music and Its Effect on the Learning Experience of Children from Early Childhood To Adulthood


Research proves that music has a major impact on the brain of individuals of all ages. This work focuses on how the use of music, melody, and song can play a positive role in the learning experiences of children throughout all grade levels if implement by teachers and instructors. With the assistance of three children, one from each age group (early childhood, middle to late childhood, and adolescence) it is proven that music does have an effect on the learning experience. It is also proven that ideas can be drawn from the developmental theories of Jean Piaget, Lev Vgotsky, and ...view middle of the document...

(Cutietta, 1996). Several studies have established significant correlations between the treatment of musical and linguistic information in early childhood. They indicate that young children who obtain superior results in reading, writing and math have had some form of musical instruction, such as melodies and/or songs used throughout teaching to assist in remembrance or more formal musical training such as learning to play an instrument (Lamb & Gregory, 1993). Generally, music is used as a source of entertainment but its impact on children’s learning experiences expands significantly further than an occasional song on a radio station or iPod. Teachers and instructors should incorporate the practice music and the use of song in their everyday lesson plans because music been proven to improve and effect learning experiences of children from early childhood to adolescence.

The History of Music and How It Stimulates the Brain

Music was said to have come from Ancient Greek. Music actually began around 500 B.C. when Pythagoras experimented with acoustics and how math related to tones formed from plucking strings. Throughout history music was used in the Catholic Churches to enhance the services. From very early on music was used throughout education. During the French Renaissance as the number of composers began to increase. The Renaissance had the ideal of the “universal man” and believed that every educated person was to be trained in music. In The United States Music was also used by wandering minstrels who would perform music and acrobatics in castles, taverns, and town squares. These people were among the lowest social class, along with prostitutes and slaves, but to them music was an essential tool because through the use of music they passed along information, since there were no newspapers (Cutietta, 1996). Music today still surrounds us and we use it for numerous different reasons but the question of why we enjoy or engage in music activities can only be left up to science. Music has a major impact on the brain, from stimulation to relaxation. It has been shown over and over again that one of the strongest effects of music on the brain is in the cerebrum. According to brain function studies music has been proven to effect the brain in many positive ways, such as increasing concentration levels, improving memory, increasing creativity and problem-solving skills, makings learning easier, and speeding up healing processes(Lamb & Gregory, 1993). Therefore when it comes to matters of incorporating music within the classroom it can be readily admitted that the use of music combined with everyday lessons will positively effect the learner cognitively and the learners overall learning experience.

The Use of Music in Classrooms Today

Have you tried learning anything by combining it with music or rhythm? For example, counting with a certain repeating pattern, or learning the alphabet by giving it a tune. Or...

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