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Music Classification Essay

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Music Composition
Music can set the atmosphere for any situation. The key however, is the type of music and its classification. The type of music can be determined by the singer, types of instruments used and of course the rhythm. The classifications for types of music are often not based on the set parameters, though there are definitions for individual styles of music. For example Jazz is the only style of music that is completely American and is often characterized by fast tempos, lots of brass instruments and what is considered off beat rhythms. Female Jazz vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald typically sing in a contralto or alto vocal range.
When one desires to become a vocalist, he or she must first determine the range in which they qualify.When one desires to becomes a vocalist he or she must first determine the range in which they qualify. Vocalization has different types. It depends on the type of voice in which bass ...view middle of the document...

String instruments create sound by a vibration of strings. A wind instruments sound comes from the vibration by someone blowing into a mouthpiece. Percussion instruments generate sound by vibration when hit. Sometimes it is hard for someone to determine the classification of instruments. For example, a piano is a percussion instrument even though it has strings that make the sound the person playing the instrument is not touching the strings therefore it is classified as percussion.
Anyone can sing or play a musical instrument but without rhythm the only thing they produce is noise. Rhythm consists of many separate elements that are considered one in compositions. Some of them are accent, meter, and tempo. Accent typically refers to how a particular note is played. The note itself may be the same pitch but may sound different depending on the type of accent that is applied to it when played. Meter by definition is notes in groups that form a pattern. For example a strong note followed by a weaker note and then a strong note again. Tempo is the speed at which the particular piece of music is played or vocalized. This is often set by the composer and determines the overall mood of the music. For instance a sad song typically has a slower tempo but a happy or angry song can have a faster tempo.
In conclusion music is made up of many different components which when put together are greater than the sum of their parts. There is no clear definition of what is considered good music and what is considered bad music that determination is made by the individual listener and their own taste. Depending on the singers range and the classification of instrument and the beat of the rhythm the melody will move an individual or a group of people in one way or another.

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