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My Business Management Essay

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My Business Management Some important questions that I as the owner ask are exactly the same issues covered in the mission statement: Who are my customers? Where are they? What do they want? When do they want it? Why should they buy it from me? How do I get it to them? This essay describes my concrete experience of running and managing a construction company. Pricing, for the Construction Company, relates to how well the project is estimated. After the contractor estimates the cost of the project they must add a fair profit. At this point it is important to know your competition and to determine construction “profit margins” for your locale. The better you know your competitors the more ...view middle of the document...

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Getting to know other contractors in the area is very important for your business. The relationships developed will enhance opportunities for networking which allows small firms to increase their capabilities by pooling knowledge and other resources together. It also allows one to specialize, and limit the size and scope of the business investments required. For the construction business, placing the product consist of finishing the project on time in accordance with the estimate. The...

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