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My Case Essay

4812 words - 20 pages

Rob van Zanten, Johan Bruwer and Karen Ronning
FUNDAMENTALLY, Integrated Marketing Communications
(IMC) refers to the process of integrating and
coordinating the various communication elements
commonly known as the ‘promotional mix’. The promotional
mix is usually considered to consist of advertising, sales promotion,
personal selling and public relations, although some
marketers may add other elements such as publicity, direct
marketing or sponsorship as major components. IMC is therefore
not just a concept relating to consistency or synergy—it is
also a strategic process (Van Zanten & Bruwer 2002a). ...view middle of the document...

To provide further focus on these
aspects, this article further expands and illustrates the
issues raised in the previous articles by now using the
Coonawarra wine region as a framework or industry case
study example of a ‘real-life operating wine region’. To
achieve this, an intensive information-gathering process
was adopted that first involved a preliminary secondary
information-gathering phase during which the various elements/
aspects involved in the IMC process were identified
and their relevance linked to the wine region’s ‘real-life’ situation.
Next followed a process of in-depth interviews with
three leading Coonawarra wine producers, namely Ian
Hollick (Hollick Wines), Doug Balnaves (Balnaves of
Coonawarra) and Bruce Redman (Redman Wines) to secure
the actual facts pertaining to the IMC process. To provide
further perspectives, the region’s wine industry officer,
Karen Ronning, was also interviewed. Finally, all inputs
were integrated and synthesised to comprise what follows.
Integrated Marketing Communications
– the case of Coonawarra
communication, unsolicited
media coverage
interaction at cellar-door, retail
outlets and information centre;
regional fairs, events
Regional (and winery)
websites, promotions
& signage, travel
guides & maps,
themes & slogans
unplanned messages
product & service messages
(initiated by planning group)
(planning group)
community support,
unsought local media
support, industry and
government body support
workshops and seminars,
liaison with all stakeholders,
recognition system, conflict
resolution, initiate and
disseminate market research.
strategic plan,
mission statement,
education and training
policies and materials
Figure 1. The Integration Model (planning group level) Figure 2. The Integration Model (regional level)
The Say, Do, Confirm Model (adapted). Source: Tom Duncan and Sandra Moriarty. Driving Brand Value (New York: McGraw-Hill 1997); Page 91
As a first premise, organisations such as the Coonawarra
Vignerons Association must communicate to survive.
Without effective (internal) communication, coordinated
action by the organisation would be impossible (Timm &
Stead 1996). Basically the communication process takes
place internally and/or externally. One of the most important
marketing messages communicated outwards to the
external audiences is the regional brand image.
Consumers use a cluster of brand elements such as grape
variety, brand name, wine region, and so on, as cues in their
wine choice decision making. Lockshin et al. (2000) have
termed this cluster a ‘brand constellation’ and suggest that
consumers use brand elements in a fluid,...

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