My First Experience Essay

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Ebelenna S. Anekwe
March 23, 2016
New Orleans Louisiana, USA
I was born and raised in western part of Africa, Nigeria to be exact. I have lived in Africa all my life and I loved the African culture. I have not been a globe trotter but every part of Nigeria and Africa is pretty much the same. My first major travel experience is to come to New Orleans, Louisiana United States of America to study after spending eight (8) year in a Nigerian University (University of Maiduguri) without graduating. Everything is entirely different in this part of the world. Unlike some parts of Nigeria that currently does not want westernization including western education. I clearly see what makes America ...view middle of the document...

I felt odd because everyone spoke very fast or does not complete sentences. The airport was absolutely beautiful.
Meanwhile, I discovered the architectural design of the buildings in New Orleans, it was magnificent and excellently constructed. The famous Mercedes-Benz Superdome was one of the best structures I have ever seen. Its 273-foot (83 m) dome, made of a lamellar multi-ringed frame and has a diameter of 680 feet (210 m), making it the largest fixed domed structure in the world. Having a seating capacity of 76,468 makes it one of the best places to watch New Orleans Saints. The French Quarter is the oldest part of New Orleans. The original twenty blocks that formed the fledgling city of New Orleans that was laid out in 1721 around the Place d'Armes, now Jackson Square. Most of the houses in the French Quarter were built before Louisiana was sold to the United States in 1803. The area has been surprisingly well preserved, and as a result it is full of historic buildings designed in Creole and Spanish style with beautiful laced balconies and shuttered windows. The compact size and low car traffic (there are no parking lots) it is best to explore the French Quarter on foot. The engineering of the bridges, the road networks, the traffic lights and coordinated movements of cars is beyond my imagination. In Nigeria, traffic laws are never obeyed and it increased accident rates and loss of innocent souls. I was mesmerized by the buildings and the functionality of electricity including street lights and power in general. In the 25years I spent in Africa, I have never stayed a day without the electricity going off and on. The housing designs here are so comfortable you could only see those types of building in a Nigerian politician residences that has stolen the national treasures and kept the masses wandering. The experiences of these world class sites is still on top of my list of unforgettable memories.
The New Orleans food and music leaves a lasting impression. Every of the meal from gumbo...

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