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My Mothers Career Journey Essay

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My Mothers Career Journey
William Howard
Strayer University
ENG 090
Prof: Collyn Warner
November 12, 2013

Past, Present and Future
Going back to school was not a difficult decision for my mom to make. As she looked back over her life and saw what she had accomplished in her current career field without a degree, she could only image what she could accomplish if she had a degree. She has always dream of having several degrees, one in information technology and the other in management. So one day as she was surfing the internet for jobs and even at her current employer she noticed that the better paying position required a degree. So she made up her mind that the only thing to it was to do it, return to school to get a degree.
She attended the ...view middle of the document...

Her level of professional competences such as problem solving, written and oral communication skills, research and collaboration were not strong. She believed that her previous education had not prepared me for what she wanted to do in life which is to become a human resources manager.
Her first goal as a student at the University of Phoenix was to become a lifelong learner by keeping my knowledge adequately up to part with all the changes in her career field or goal. Companies are depending on what individuals already know and their capability to learn more day by day. She wanted to be flexible, accept change, become self-directed and see herself as part of a bigger picture. She said she remember a saying that she often hear people say “it’s not what you know but who you know.” Sometimes that statement is true but not all the time. She believes the statement should be reversed to read “it’s not who you know but what you know.” To me who you know is not going to be able to make critical thinking decision for you at all times. You need to able stand on your own two feet and make critical decision for yourself.
She achieved her second goal at Strayer University where received her MBA with a concentration in Human Resources. She achieved both of these goals while working full-time and attending school in the evenings. She has been my inspiration for attending Strayer University to achieve my bachelors.
In conclusion, the value of a college education is dominant in the workplace today. Without a college degree you are limiting your possibilities of career advancements within the company or with another company. It’s like having access to a gold mine. So I will continue to strive for the optimal achievement by furthering my education. I plan to continue my education here at Strayer to receive my master degree. The world is forever changing and we must keep our knowledge abreast in order to change with the world.

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