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Body Fat and Eating Disorders
Voneisha C. Carr
SCI/241- Nutrition
Roudayna Bajjani-Anthony

I remember when I was in school seeing all the girl my age worry about eating or how they look in the mirror when it came to their image, I also though maybe it was just girls being girls than I looked on TV and I seen this person who was no bigger than a stick. And said she had a eating disorder which she struggle with for so long I didn’t believe it and, though at the time it was her fault and chose to live this lifestyle. As I got older I was in medical school for my LPN Licensing after studying, I realize it was a sickness ...view middle of the document...

Since muscular tissue occupies less space in the body and burns more calories while working out or from daily actives, and even from the body resting it is always describe to have a higher percentage of muscles in your body if you want to look more healthier and leaner. It reflects on results both of physical activity and nutritional practices, excess body fat has been found to increase the risk of diseases such as “Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease” ( The Center for Disease control, 2012). Body fat includes two categories Essential fat which is crucial for normal body functioning, and Storage fat that is extra fuel we store under the skin and around various organs. “Lean mass primarily consists of muscle the major is metabolic engine for the body, more muscle in your body the more calories you burn” (Daniel Kosich, PhD, 2012), fat and muscles are different in an important way muscle is much denser than fat. This is like a brick fat is like a cotton ball that take more just to make a pound, to improve body composition includes exercise and reduced calorie intake. Our body composition program incorporate the nutrition support necessary to active fat loss and preserve muscle, overall you have the power to shape your body for better health and healthy body composition. There is no single cause of unhealthy body composition, but with a good diet and exercise you can also risk disease and more of that unwanted fat. But let’s not forget about the good fat that is needed, for the body on the inside and out.

• Assess factors that influence the obesity epidemic. Diet is affected by many factors but obesity results when the body fats accumulate over time, as results of a chronic energy imbalance from calories. But could it also come genetics? Family history reflects the environment by exposure shared by close relative, just by seeing a mother or uncle who also dealing with obesity. That could also have affect on person from the eating habits or, just from not having the encouragement to get out and stay in shape. Also family healthy history and disorders could as well have affect on person; I also look at urban area where you see nothing but fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and people getting on welfare. Who don’t have an outlook on eating healthy or stay fit because sometime stay fit have a price, “Low-income families may consume lower-cost foods with higher levels of calories” (Brandesi University, 2003) or family may also sacrifice food quality for food quantity just to stretch the limited resources. Because of the interaction of individual with his or her environment that influences “Health, measure, and concepts that may differ for men and women” (WebMD, 2012), greater social and economic may have this affect it’s like watching TV and see your favorite fast food. Commercial with a great deal of buy one gets one free and everybody looking, for a great deal in this economy even when it comes to food no matter how many calories or...

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