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My Perspective Essay

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The perspective that I’m writing about that “fits” or is the closest to my own way of thinking is the humanistic theory. I chose to write about this because I agree with Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow in that people are generally motivated to improve or achieve the highest level of success that an individual can. Even though Carl Rodgers believed that the actualizing tendency applied to all organisms and not just ...view middle of the document...

Rodgers and Maslow held that human beings are inherently good and seek the good in their lives. I like the fact that every human being on this planet is responsible for achieving their own level of success, whatever that might be to each individual. Maslow’s also believes that in order to achieve self-actualization, all the other needs need to be met and satisfied in a hierarchical order: beginning with a person’s basic needs, moving toward safety, then belonging and finally to esteem. To me this was a nail hit right on the head, because you wouldn’t be able to move forward or help anybody else until these things are done first.
Humanistic psychology helped remove the stigma attached to therapy, and made it easier for healthy normal individuals to be able to explore their abilities and their potential through therapy. This also continues to influence therapy, education, health care, and all kinds of other areas.

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