My Perspective About Hinduism Essay

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Bhavisha Patel
PHI405- The Meaning of Life
Professor DeLeon
April 19, 2011
Subject: My Perspective about Hinduism
The History and traditions of Hinduism are both Ancient and Timeless. Hinduism is like a big Ocean and I am really not sure whether anybody apart from the Supreme itself knows it in its completeness. Even though these are my introductory words, people who dived into this ocean will really acknowledge the fact of it very much. Hinduism is not a Book of texts. It is the book of Knowledge and Experience. These two are endless and hence is the Hinduism. One ...view middle of the document...

It is often referred to by some scholars as a Family of Religions.
The most attractive thought of Hinduism to me is Habits of Giving from Taittiriya Upanishad. These habits help me to feel real happiness of Giving.
“Taittiriya Upanishad says: “Give. Give with the faith. Give with sensitivity. Give with the feeling of abundance. Give with right understanding” (Robinson, 25).
Hinduism is not only a Religion but it also a guideline to make one’s life meaning full. For all the Hindus there are four goals of their life. (Hinduism in our Life)
1) Dharma (Pray to God, Meaning of Life, Eternal knowledge)
2) Artha (Material gains by Lawful means)
3) Karma (Work to achieve goals and Artha)
4) Moksha (Release a soul from the cycle of rebirth)
Hinduism is ocean of nectar. Nobody should miss it. I am going to explain Hindu goals in this term paper, and how it is attached to their meaning of life. I do not know in depth, but I have a Handful of nectar that I could take. From this small knowledge of the big thing, I am in my effort to share by word the taste of nectar. Let the Supreme which is the essence of truth guide me that benefits all the creatures and the dilution because my flaws are minimal.
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