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My Reflection Of Mission Command Essay

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My Reflection of Mission Command
Did you ever notice how in a staff meeting most Noncommissioned officers (NCO) do not strike up a conversation, but officers seem to have no problem speaking to each other? Waiting in the conference room, I sat back and observed how NCO and officers interacted, while waiting for a staff meeting to start. We, were all waiting on the commander to update us on the up coming deployment and what his commander’s intent would be. I am now assigned to a new unit and I am wondering how I will use knowledge and ideas of mission command. I will drive the team’s mission command operational process to develop my team’s inner and outer side together with advice and influence to build agile and adaptive leaders.
My responsibility is to serve as Senior NCO observer/trainer during the conduct of ...view middle of the document...

Knowledge and Ideas
Communication and observing go hand in hand in the mission command principle. To have good communication, the lines need to be open and flow in all directions. I need to be within the context of observation to get a full appreciation of the true nature of the communication. With the knowledge gained while in the communication and observations stage, the planning stage maybe used to develop and implement plans, procedures, and policies for mission success. Finally, the most important aspect of mission command is “Be the Example”!
Assisting executive branch chief three, NCOIC can be very challenging yet a rewarding experience; it is imperative that I am ground in my beliefs of mission command when applying mission command philosophy among my officer and peers assigned to the team. I have developed my personal leadership to treat others with dignity, respect, and lead by example. Provide guidance and direction to the branch chief regarding all matters with upcoming simulation exercises. Gaining respect through mutual trust, built adhesive team, and share perception of mission. Through information and process creative skillful, mentoring, and coaching. Evaluating progress, recommend, or directing the executive branch chief’s end state of our mission goals during training exercises with Japan, Korea, or Hawaii.
Leaders, by virtue of assumed roles of responsibility, inspire, and influence my team to accomplish the Brigade goals. As a leader, I am accountable for my actions and those under me. When something goes badly, I must always accept responsibility. By setting the standards and emulating expectations through my day-to-day conduct, Soldiers will not have to wonder what to expect. I will need to lead my team to built mutual trust. I will drive the team’s mission command operational process to develop my team’s inner and outer side together with advice and influence to build agile and adaptive leaders.

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