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My Work Essay

1572 words - 7 pages

|U.S. Department of State | |OMB APPROVAL NO. 1405-0189 |

(This application is for positions recruited by the U.S. Mission under the
Office of Overseas Employment’s Interagency Local Employment Recruitment Policy)

|POSITION ...view middle of the document...

Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyyy) |8. Place of Birth |
|6/27/1989 |TURKEY |
|9. Current address |10. Phone Numbers | | |
|313 SUSSEX STREET |Day |      |      |
|FLOOR 2 |Evening |      |      |
|PATERSON NEW JERSEY 07503 |Cell |1973-652-2793 |      |
|11. E-mail Address | |
|12. Are you a U.S. Citizen? | Yes | No |
|13. Do you have permanent U.S. Resident status? | Yes | No If yes, provide number |
|      | | |
|14a. U.S. Social Security Number (for U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents) 152-23-5629 |
|And / Or |
|14b. Country Identification Number       |
|15. Are you legally eligible to work in this country? | Yes | No |
|If yes, Mission HR may require verification of eligibility. Please attach copies of all documentation that confirms your legal eligibility to work in this |
|country (e.g., work permit, residency permit). If you are not sure if you need to submit proof of eligibility, contact the Mission’s HR office. |
|16.If hired, are there accommodations the Mission needs to provide so that you can perform all the essential functions and duties of the position? |
|Yes No If yes, please explain ...

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