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National Bank Essay

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Executive Summary
The “THE CANADIAN NATIONAL BANK” case is about the conflicts between Lesley Mahon and Pam Stewart. Lesley is a young lady with high education level. Pam is an old employee full of working experience. They had had conflicts since Lesley’s first day working as Pam’s leader. Since Pam has written a complaint letter to head office to allege Lesley. Lesley must take some action to protect her job.
Main problems in the case:
1. Lesley’s leadership
2. Pam’s attitude and personality
3. Other issue
(1) Bank’s promoting system
(2) Robert’s supervision
(3) Lesley and Pam’s communication
1. Agree Pam to take the accounting course on Thursday ...view middle of the document...

3. Pam is very exacting and some colleagues of her were intimidated by her because of mistakes or oversights.
4. Pam dose not has a formal business degree and management experience.
5. Pam’s negative reaction on the first meeting with Lesley.
6. Pam refused to make referrals.
7. Pam complained and often not able to finish her job as the utility clerk.
8. Pam had taken short-term disability leave without Lesley’s permission.

Lesley’s Leadership
The first problem we have in this case is Lesley’s leadership problem. As a 24-year old young lady, Lesley became the manager of customer service at the Chatham branch in the first of her work. Obviously, Lesley has zero practical experience in being a manager. However, Lesley has high level of education. She has a formal business degree and had been enrolled in a training program with Canadian National Bank in all aspects of retail banking. All these good education experiences are favorable for her career development. But leadership is more than the theory in books. An effective leadership depends on many factors other than the leader’s education level, like the ability, personality, physical characteristics and so on. In this case, Lesley described herself a fairly laid-back manager and she give her employees enough support. According to the theory introduce in textbook, Lesley is in the Path-Goal Theory of leadership. This kind of leader is to assist followers in attaining their goals and to provide necessary direction and support to combine the individual’s goal and the organization’s goal. As a new manager, Lesley just standing back and give support to her followers. For example, when Pam complained the job as the utility clerk, she just left the problem to Sarah and Pam but not give them any suggestion. In concluded, the leadership of Lesley seems a little weak. Because Lesley just gives the followers the verbal support but not taking a real action. This situation is unfavorable for Lesley as a manager. She must find a way to improve her leadership and influence on her followers.
Pam’s attitude and personality
The second problem in this case is Pam’s negative attitude and personality. According to the case, Pam is 43-year old and had been with Chatham branch since she received her high-school diploma. Since her performance is really great in past years, we can conclude she is a professional customer service representative full of experience but has not enough education. However, Pam is very confidence to her ability and thinks she is quite qualified for the work as a manager. But she failed to apply for the position. When Lesley came and took the position of customer manager, Pam thought she was too young and lack of experience. Thus, Pam showed negative reaction to Lesley. She never approve of Lesley as her boss, even the previous manager had felt intimidated by Pam’s behavior. She refused to finish her referrals while Lesley asked her to do it. Furthermore,...

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