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Nationalism In Russia Essay

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Choose three concepts associated with the academic study of nationalism to explain the origins and contemporary political issues shaping nationalism in one of the following contexts. Is nationalism more of a positive or negative influence in this geo-political space?
Russian Nationalism
The idea of nationalism in Russia is one that has changed over time, and yet today is taking an even more interesting turn today with the re-election of President Vladimir Putin for a third term in office, despite widespread protests throughout Russia. Looking before Putin though there is some 80 odd ...view middle of the document...

As well as finally looking at the industrial might that Russia became during the cold war and the effects that this then had on the country, and its effect on the international political landscape, which included the polarisation of the world power structure between the USSR and the United states.
One of the key themes that is at the core of Russian nationalism is the concept of homeland. Russians have always referred to their own country as Mother Russia. Prior to 1917, when Russia was under the rule of the Tsars, there was a slowly growing discontent for the monarchy that caused the people to want a change of leadership for their country, but it was a big change that they wanted, they wanted a country ruled by elected representatives, not lead by people born into power. This eventually happened in 1917 when the Russians exited the First World War. With Lenin now in power as the first leader of communist Russia, he began a reform of radical change. However it was not quite to the extent that occurred once Stalin gained power. He completely revolutionised the way that the Russian economy, and agricultural sectors of the country. This would have a long term effect on its people and also the world. This is where the ideas of industrialism and homeland have a connection with each other. The concepts that make up industrialism completely changed the way that

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