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Nature Of Business Ethics Essay

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Business Ethics
Paper #1
Instructor Cameron McLean
Ashley Kello
March 30 2009

The term business ethics has always held a controversial connotation. Many believe that a business trying to grow revenue and profits will have a direct conflict with remaining ethical. What is business ethics? The most important parts of business ethics are defining appropriate behavior, creating organizational values, and establishing accountability in the workplace. Ethics are also responsible for encouraging individual responsibilities and providing leadership and oversight within the work environment.
The most challenging aspects of ethics in the business environment are upholding societal morals ...view middle of the document...

” This discipline makes up the logic and ethical concerns of all people. In addition to individual character and personal morals, there are the legal and regulatory concerns used by business to define ethics. This may include the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Ethics and Compliance Program Evaluation Surveys. These surveys are taken by the employees in order for the organization to determine the ethical “health” of the business. Lastly the organization will need to integrate managerial programs which are directly linked to the long-term goals and objectives of the business.
Once ethics are defined, it is necessary to support these business ethics through education. The organization will need to establish comprehensive plans and programs designed to be highly visible and supported by management. These plans and programs are used to help employees understand the nature of business ethics and the responsibility of business in society, ethical decision making, and the necessity of ethical leadership and corporate governance.
Business ethics are boiled down to the most basic elements good and evil. These two forces have been in conflict since the beginning of time. Who decides what is right and wrong? Societal norms and practices are significant in these decisions, as well as...

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