Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

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Homosexuality, Nature vs. Nurture

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Homosexuality, Nature vs. Nurture
Nature versus nurture is one of the most enduring debates in the psychology world today. These debates have been studied and reviewed for many years, with only hypotheses formed, no clear conclusions have been met. In the middle of the debates is human behavior, whether they are learned or inherited remains unanswered. Intelligence, ability, or even personality remains under scrutiny whether these traits are learned or predetermined by specific genes. Physical characteristics can be contributed to hereditary, i.e. eye color or hair color.
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If reared apart they would still have the same genes but their environment would be different. Any differences they would have would be contributed to their environment in which they were raised, with similarities are associated with their identical genes. This was the logic behind Niels Juel-Nielsen study in Denmark on “Danish identical twins reared apart” (Gruber, 1981).
Susan Farber goes further in depth on identical twins reared apart. Howard Gruber cites that Dr. Farber conducted a study on the I.Q. tests on identical twins. That if identical twin’s different environment would not affect their differences in behavior, if they are truly identical. The identical twins that are not separated would be different in some degree. Dr. Farber also discovered that more separation of the identical twins the more differences they had in their I.Q. Conclusion is that if intelligence is gene related or inherited, the separated identical twins would have the same I.Q., but they did not.
Dr. Farber interprets a portion of the study of twins that are raised together often have more differences in their personality and character than twins raised apart. She contributes this to an unusual “micro-environments” that are created for each child when reared together; a process referred as “twinning”. She also found that twins that are reared together would handle their identity issues by emphasizing on their similarities or even taming or redefining their differences. Twins that are raised apart with the knowledge of having a twin, she found they would find and even highlight their similarities. Numerous constituents on heredity and their environment play a role in the total formation. Environment is not something that is given to or taken away from a person; it is what a person can choose and construct for him or herself (Gruber, 1981).
In recent years, many researchers believe that there is a possibility of a “gay gene.” Most gays and lesbians now believe being homosexual, or their sexual orientation, is a born trait and is developed at an early age. Opponents of gay rights believe that homosexuality is a behavior that is a conscience choice, a choice that can be changed or developed.
In 1993, Dean Hamer, a scientist from the National Cancer Institute, reported that he and his colleagues found a maternal link on the Xq28 of the X chromosome. They had tested 40 pairs of homosexual brothers and found 33 of them had this connection. With these results, the linkage of the Xq28, he then reported that he was “99.5% certainty that there is a gene, or genes, in the area of the X chromosome that predisposes a male to become a heterosexual”. During this time, the media took off with this study about the “gay gene”, articles after articles. One article expressed that if they have identified the “gay gene”, expecting parents could possibly one day...

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