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Need Statement
The South Bronx is known to be a high poverty stricken area sadly the children miss out on many opportunities because of lack of money. In a society where technology has advanced greatly it seems those without resources are left behind. Poverty in the Bronx is at an all-time high as the world moves forward it seems the families in the Bronx are drowning in need. In all of New York City the Bronx has the highest rate of poverty. The rate has slightly improved in recent years, but child poverty in the Bronx is almost 10 percent higher than in the most populous borough, Brooklyn, and well above the city average of 28.8 percent (Lievano 2009). .
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For parents it is an avenue of keeping track of the progress of children’s academic prowess without waiting for progress reports or open school nights. It is also an avenue for seeking employment and skill improvement. Computers help to extend the reach for many while also opening avenues that would otherwise be closed. St. Ann’s already has a room with one computer in it this room can be transformed into a computer lab this room is big enough to house 10-15 computer stations. Adding a computer lab will be an advantage to the community as a whole and since St. Ann’s have a positive reputation with its donors it will make it easy to ask for help with this program.
The computer lab will ensure that these children will have a chance at changing his or her future. Technical change has the potential to help millions of people in their daily battle to survive. New and improved technologies, which women and men living in poverty can use in ways which are appropriate to their context and needs, can:
•Expand and improve their livelihood options
•Increase their productivity and incomes
•Improve the quality of the goods and services that they use, and
•Enhance the quality of their lives. (Practical Action 2001)

Technology will give families and children the opportunity through access to improve their lives, as well as extent his or her skills, and knowledge. Technology will open up the world for children to see beyond what he or she is surrounded by. There are many software programs that help increase a child’s academic abilities. Children will be able to do extensive...

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